Whole Foods Market released its top food trends of 2019 and here are a few worth watching:

Mock meat snacks - a growing number of non-veg*ns are exploring meat alternatives.

Eco-friendly packaging - While some companies are banning straws, more produce departments are asking consumers to bring their own vegetable bags.

Purchases that empower - Factors that influence consumer purchase decision are now more people-focused, they continue to drive changes in the food industry. Kuli Kuli's Moringa powder is mostly grown and processed by women.

Snack Time, Upgraded - Snack to mini-meal with better ingredients.

Shelf-Stable Probiotics - Probiotics are now showing up in a lot of packaged foods: oatmeal, nut butter and nutritional bars.

Phat fats - The rise of keto diet has led to a new wave of plant-based products such as cashew yogurt and peanut butter bar.